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How to Care for the Zen MagSafe Charger Stand

About The Product
The Zen MagSafe Charger Stand is 3D Printed, meaning that it is created by stacking tiny layers on top of each other to create a shape. This uses recyclable, corn-based plastics and minimizes waste because we use only exactly as much plastic as we need to create something. Because of this process, there may be some minor imperfections in the product. However, we took great care to design the stand to minimize the imperfections and "hide" them in parts of the product that will never be seen during normal use.

Initial Setup
Your Zen MagSafe Charger Stand will come with two small re-usable sticky dots that are meant to help your MagSafe charger stay mounted inside the puck. Before you install these dots, check to see how your charger fits in the puck. If it is sufficiently tight, there is no need to use the dots. If you'd like it to be a bit more secure, remove the charger, install a dot, and place the charger back in the puck.

To clean the MagSafe Charger Stand, you may use some dish soap and a soft bristled tooth brush to clean in-between the layer lines. Wipe clean with a towel or microfiber cloth. Do not use any harsh chemicals or cleansers.

How to unbox and setup the Zen MagSafe Charger Stand