MySweetChubs Tattoo Ticket!

Thank you everyone who joined our first Cozyleigh Desk Mat Sale Event! We are working on our next exciting sale event for Q1 of 2023 -- Please stay tuned & join our email listing to be notified once our in-stock sale drops! Our next sale will have a restock of our Cozyleigh Desk Mats, Zen Cozyleigh Desk Accessories, and more exciting launches :)

6 smooth, matte shades!

colors: blush, cream, beige, matcha, forest, midnight

complementary wool shades on the back side

lighter wool shade: beige, cream, matcha, blush

darker wool shade: forest, midnight

2 desk mats in 1

with complementing merino wool or PET felt (vegan) wool shades on the other side

(607mm x 305mm)

(813mm x 381mm)

(915mm x 457mm)

cozyleigh ecosystem

we’ve seamlessly integrated magnetic functionality 🧲 into our desk mat that you can enjoy with our upcoming cozyleigh zen-inspired desk accessories! 🍃⛩️

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