about cozyleigh studios

🪴 from the cozy home of @maisyleigh@mysweetchubs & @elmersworkshop

at cozyleigh studios, we are creating products for your desk setup, productivity spaces, and home that are cozy & aesthetic, yet functional.  we are a family-run business, creating these products right from our own home with love.  we are proud to say that our products are TRULY from our cozy home, to yours 💛

we began sharing our love for cozy spaces on the internet, because of all of the uncertainty around the world, and in our own personal lives.  crafting a cozy space has helped us focus on the things that we can control in our lives.

lead visionary & designer


maisy is a visionary, designer, software engineer, & tech-lifestyle influencer.  ever since she was a young girl, she was always ideating and creating, eager to always figure out what her next big mission was. she then began sharing her love for cozy & zen interior design, technology, and her passions in designing & coding on her youtube channel, instagram, and tiktok.

from there, she pioneered the cozy tech-lifestyle community online, inspiring many to create a cozy, comfortable digital & physical space for themselves. she also inspires people to be creative without boundaries in life, whether it be through design, code, music, art, etc.  she always shares the importance of living slowly, and practicing a life full of zen & calmness.

⚡️ super strength: can work in extreme bursts with a clear vision and get things done effectively in an instant, has confidence and leadership

🌱 hobbies: piano composition, cello, drinking matcha, overthinking, not-so-cozy video games

🍉 fun fact: she can probably eat half a watermelon in one sitting, it's her spirit fruit

lead artist & storyteller

ashleigh (@mysweetchubs)

ashleigh (@mysweetchubs) is an artist, content creator, storyteller, and an EXTREME enthusiast for things that are *chubby*. with her creativity and whimsical imagination, she is always creating new, beautiful artwork with her trusty iPad Pro. her artwork often evokes warm, nostalgic, home-y feelings….but ashleigh isn’t afraid to explore art that is emotional, meaningful, and DEEP, too. ashleigh is most known for her full landscape digital paintings, but don’t think her cute doodles go unnoticed! (the *iconic* chubby fruits! 🍊🍑🍉🍐)

throughout her various social media channels, ashleigh actively documents her personal growth, mental health, and art journey with her followers. she inspires artists all over the world to get creative and pick up the pencil again (or stylus! ✍🏻). in addition to drawing, ashleigh inspires people to put love into their desk setups with her widely popular digital wallpapers. 

presently, ashleigh is developing an indie video game called @wistfulorchids 🍃⛩️- her newest passion project! wistful orchids is a combination all three of her passions:  art, visual storytelling, and music 🎵~ 

🎈super strength: brings the *quirk* in wurk. loves being creative and crafty. appreciates the small things and little moments.

🌱🐌 hobbies: mystery snail caring, plants, piano, anything arts & crafty, and opeRaAA SINGING!!

🍊fun fact: i can eat probably 25 clementines in one sitting.. beat that maisy, HAH!

lead engineer & ARCHITECT

tristan (@elmersworkshop)

tristan (@elmersworkshop) is an engineer. ever since he was a kid, he's been dismantling anything and everything he could get his hands on just to understand how it works. he really likes building stuff and solving problems - often to the point where the solution is more complicated than the original problem itself. 

he's always looking for a new project - something to challenge his skills so that he can grow. he aims to make each new creation better than the last. besides building stuff, he loves sharing his knowledge. if you ask him about something, he'll probably write you an entire paper on it. 

🔧 super strength: creates solutions to problems that don't exist yet

🏹 hobbies: archery, cars, cooking, espresso-making, 3d printing, film photography

🦿fun fact: left leg is shorter than right leg