230+ App Icons & 5 Abstract Wallpapers | Minimal Pastel iOS App Icon + Wallpaper Bundle

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Wallpapers & icons

Wall paper and icons are lovely thank you.
But I did send a message asking for an icon for my banking and also to let you know that when I loaded the md blank widget it left a smudge on my home screen so I can’t use the wallpapers and the md widget together.
I received a standard reply to say that someone would get back to me but they haven’t.

Megan Morin

Converting all my apps to this design has not only been easier on my eyes 🤓 but also on my mind. It makes everything less hectic and peaceful ☺️ I'm always satisfied with the display when I open my phone 😊

Beautiful and simple

Love these icons! They are so sleek and simple and the color is really pleasing to look at. Also love that by using custom icons, the pesky red notification bubbles disappear. If I could suggest anything, maybe creating more icons for further apps or creating a separate listing for extended icons.

Kristelle P

I barely post reviews for anything. But after watching Maisy's video of taking control and seeing her aesthetic (so inspired) I have never been happier. I have made the small changes on my phone - removing Instagram and TikTok from my home screen - by only keeping my "essentials" or those apps that I want to use more of and I couldn't be happier with the difference it's made to my mental health. I now only use my phone for things I need or require in the moment. If I do wish to scroll through or catch up with family, I simply search up the apps! If you are thinking about purchasing, just do it! I've included pics of my current home screen and I do not regret this purchase for one second!


I love the icons - the apple iOS banner notification is annoying though so I’m not using the icons after all. Also, I didn’t need wallpapers but just the icons were out of stock so I purchased the full bundle. Shortly after just the icons were back in stock - I wish I could have paid less for just what I needed. Overall though the icons are super cute - just wish I could use them without notifications.

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